VBS Agent wizard

This quick wizard will help you customize your VBS final script so you can easily choose from the provided options. Some of this options have to be used carefully because under your penetration tests and depending on the platform and AV Engine on the target, it could be detected as a malware/threat. For example if you choose to use the CopyItself features those are theorycally virus behavior and will be detected as if.

When you want to include a file into your agent, then using this wizard choose a file and then encode it to base64, the final values will be appended to your agent, check the final output by navigating to the auxiliary tab, remote control and choose the VBS agent, at the end of the file you will find the values.

If you mixed up everything and wish to roll back your changes mark or select the last option and click on generate, otherwise you can always replce it by using GIT commands.

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